Friday, January 24, 2014

Godfather - The Drink You Can't Refuse

When snow fills the air and arctic vortexes chill us to the bone those refreshing summer drinks made with rum, vodka and gin are but a distant memory.  The body, and soul, require something more substantial and soothing to get us through these cold winter nights.  A Godfather fits the bill.

Simplicity in itself, a Godfather consists of only two ingredients - whiskey and amaretto.  At first glance, perhaps, an unlikely pairing.  But in reality, these two liquors work magic together and bring out the best in each other.

Most recipes call for anywhere from a 50-50 ratio to a 2-1 ratio (with the whiskey consisting of the 2/3 portion).  I prefer about half and half. You can use any whiskey.  The first time I ever had one it was made with scotch.  Bourbon or rye work just as well.  I've never tried it with Irish whiskey but I suppose that could work too.

The nature of the the two liquors are what make this concoction work.  On the one hand you have a whiskey - strong and hefty with a bit of a burn (at least until you let enough ice melt mellow it out if drinking it straight).  On the other hand you have the wonderful hazelnut flavor of amaretto - too sweet and sticky amaretto.  What happens is that the amaretto takes the harsh edge off the whiskey - which is appealing to the the Cosmo and G&T crowd who make funny faces when they even smell any kind of whiskey.  The whiskey, on the other hand, cuts down the sweetness and stickiness of the amaretto.

Traditionally this drink does not have a garnish - though a friend recently garnished their Godfather with an Amerena Fabbrini cherry, which I must try.  It can be made on the rocks in a tumbler or straight up in a snifter.

So batten down the hatches, throw another log on the fire and enjoy this wonderful cocktails on one of these cold winter nights.



Godfather on the rocks

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