Friday, March 22, 2013

Quick restaurant review - Vino, Harrisburg, PA

It's not often Sara and I get a chance to eat out together.  With our busy travel schedule, plus the fact we like to entertain and I love to cook for our friends, it's not often we get out for a nice meal.  Last weekend we had a few kid free hours and decided we needed to get out and enjoy a nice adult meal together.  Italian was in order, and on the suggestion of a friend of a friend we decided to try Vino, located in Harrisburg PA.

I'll start off by saying it was an excellent choice.  Service was great, as was the food, and the prices were quite reasonable.

The food was top notch all around.  I had the fried calamari for an appetizer.  Some of the best I have ever had.  We both got the tomato basil soup.  Sara loved hers.  I'm not a huge tomato soup fan but wanted to try it.  Salads were good, I had the Caesar, Sara had the house salad that was nice mix of greens.  She loved her salad.  I thought the Caesar had too many hearts and not enough leafs of Romaine, but hey, I'm not a big salad guy so no big deal.  For the main entree Sara had Chicken Parm with pasta on the side.  Very healthy portion and she loved it.  I had a small taste and would have to agree.  For my entree I gave it the litmus test - Linguine with Clam Sauce.  White of course.  Linguine with clam sauce is my favorite dish in the world.  It's a very simple dish to make.  If a restaurant can't nail this dish there is simply no use even thinking about going back.  The dish I got was very good.  They did it justice.  The pasta was very al dente.  I prefer my pasta cooked softer so when we go back I'll have to specify that.  Desert was great.  I had Tiramisu that was served in a martini glass.  Sara had some sort of chocolate cake thing.  Both were excellent, as was the coffee.  A nice dark roast.  As a coffee fiend I had no complaints.

Both our waiter and the owner were very friendly and attentive.  The restaurant itself is very small.  I counted the tables and chairs and came up with forty diners max that could eat at any one time.  That being said, the bar, which takes up a rather large portion of the room, could seat at least twelve, maybe more.  I don't know about you but I kind of like when the bar has a significant place in any establishment.  I'd much rather have too much bar and not enough dining room than vice versa.

All told, two meals (salads included, plus one soup), two deserts (with coffee), one appetizer, one extra soup, two beers, a Kettle One martini plus a glass of Sauvignon Blanc came to $70.   A most excellent deal for a great meal with great service.

Will I be going back?  For sure.  Maybe next time I'll just sit at the expansive bar.

Ciao for now,


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